Welcome to Tejas

"The Rumours of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!!!"

We welcome our friends and our neighbors to help in the gathering of our people. We have been silent for a very long time. Now we are asking for those of Tejas blood to come forward.

As the representative to the nations and appointed leader of the Tejas, I am asking as simple favor of each man, woman and Tejas child. To reestablish the official Tejas role and be counted in the true nation, so that as a Nation we may have a larger voice before the US Congress, the State of Texas and her sister states.

Here you will travel through portals of time and spirit while you learn about the first Peoples of Texas.

The Sovereign Nation of Tejas Indians is a non-reservation Nation with lands, holdings and territories through out the United States, Mexico and Canada. We are a very old and ancient people, very complex which takes a life time of education.

I hope that you enjoy our hospitality and our traditions.

Remember: “You are your brother’s keeper.”

May you find our place in peace and harmoniously comforting, may you return often...

Chief Blackjack Pruett
Sovereign Nation of Tejas Indians
Great Council of Chiefs


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