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Thank you to those who serve and to those who wait for those to return home. This all part of duty to one's country

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Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Updates (5/22/09)

Texas Child Protective Services Reform and Reform II strategies are having the desired effect of reducing removals and allowing children to remain safely with their parents or extended families. The number of children removed from their homes has declined steadily and significantly as the agency put new policies, practice, and resources in place. Removals declined 18.5 percent over the last two fiscal years. For more information, visit the TCPS site

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has posted its 2008 Data Book. The Data Book is a descriptive statistical resource of the services provided to the people of the State of Texas for fiscal year 2008 (September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008). Information in this book covers the most frequently asked statistical questions about DFPS programs. Learn more about the Data Book.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Commissioner Anne Heiligenstein announces the addition of two new assistant commissioners - Sasha Rasco and Audrey Deckinga. "Both Rasco and Deckinga assume their new roles with a wealth of experience and commitment to our clients, staff, and stakeholders," says Heiligenstein. Learn more

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has posted its 2008 Annual Report on the DFPS public web site. See the Annual Report.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Commissioner Anne Heiligenstein says the children of the Fundamentalist Later Day Saints are safer today because of the efforts of DFPS and Law Enforcement. "Only time will tell if they honor that pledge, but they certainly know without a doubt that Texas will not idly stand by while they sexually abuse young girls," Heiligenstein said. "Today girls at the ranch know that a 'spiritual marriage' is sexual abuse. They know how to report abuse. And they know that if they call, someone will come, someone will listen, and someone will help them. They now have a voice." Read the full story.

For tribal residence on the gulf coast of La., Indians left by Louisiana to fend for themselves, and on their own again by the Government of Louisiana.

"Thank you, but no thank you we do not want your help or assistance, you will be on your own" was what was stated from the person from the one who works with the Governors office of Indian Affairs. The Office of Indian Affairs from the Governor Bobby Jindal speaks with the offices of the Great Chief of the Confederacy of Hasinai, and that of the Chief of Justice today, with disturbing news.

It will be business as usual stated the spokes person from the GCOC, the Louisiana Government refuses to meet with or even to sign the necessary papers needed to do business with or to issue such executive orders to give help and or to render such aid to that of the Tribal Nation which will be greatly needed in the near future. The office also refuses to draw and sign such proper documents for emergency services to be given and or even draw a common letter or mutual aid to receive emergency aid and supplies from that of the Tribal Nation which will be desperately needed in the after math and the clean up after that of such a killer storm.

The Governors offices offers no recourse, or resource for the Tribal Nation and its Citizens as the State yet again rejects the added man power and expertise which is offered to assist them from the Tribal Nation.

Apparently the person in the offices of Indian affairs lacks diplomatic personal skills; as for the chief justice well he is a judge and not known for diplomacy, he is a get down to business and a "get her done" type of person, as for the offer to render aid included, food, water and a base of well trained communications staff of short wave and Ham radio operations code talking personnel.

The Tribal Nation which has lands on both sides of the Red River. And most importantly will be the most devastated of the areas, has the most to loose and is still fighting to help others as is the motto of the Tribal Nation, "You are your brothers keeper"

Gustov a Category 4 Storm!!! August 30, 2008

Reports from the Islands come into the Tribal Nation. The GCOC after hearing such measures from the Governors offices of the state of La Indian Affairs, and that from FEMA as such the Great Council has requested that the Tettat and such offices be placed on full alert and as such has activated Chapter 1 volunteers, RADAR, and REACT and so advised all persons in the areas to be affected to evacuate immediately. This is due to the response earlier given by FEMA and that of the Indian Affairs office of the Governor Jindel of LA

The Tribal Nation is releasing such press release: "we are now on our own" and "those in such areas are requested, and ordered to evacuate thus no one is to be dependent or expect to depend on any state or Federal Government agency to come to our aid and or rescue", thus "we so move to request all Stations inclusive of that of Radio, to broadcast this in Spanish, English and French" - as that some of our people in Louisiana do not yet speak that of the full English language" to thus take your belongings, and thus evacuate from your residences and business. Cooperate fully with local Authorities, and take the appropriate measures to be safe.

Such persons who are evacuated are asked by the Tribal Nation to keep in touch by the internet with that of the Tribal Nation at www.tejasindians.info arraignments for emergency shelters and other resources are being made as we speak and network with other arraignments are being made. Those whom are denied services may file a complaint through information on the Tribal Nations Web Site in the Justice System Links.

An emergency benevolent account for the Tribal Nation is to be set up with the Bank of Texas, this is to receive monetary donations for those whom wish to help those whom will be affected by the Hurricane. Those wishing to donate may do so online at the tribe's website. Or, If you wish to directly donate you may do so at the Bank of Texas - 12255 Westheimer, Houston, Texas 77077. Call (713) 578-3636 for additional information.

Our account - SNTI-Better Life Benevolent account
Attn branch Manager/ VP Lee Ann V

Thus we say - "Sahnoan tse` e Natoila ehe`"
Free press by jj bears - editor

The ETT is a free press - in the truest of words. We do not charge for the use of it nor do we pay for content. If you are a writer, author, photographer or if you have a story of interest in indian country and if you can use and comprehend the English language, have good communication skills then you can submit articles to the ETT. We will review and publish them, and of course rules will apply. If published here, you should cite where you are published. All articles are subject to editing, and everything submitted becomes protected under the property code of the tribal nation, and as such all of the resources must be verifiable and checked.

The whole idea is to keep ideas free and accurate. Promotion of a free press is stressed and the writer is liable for such content and responsible. If there is to be one free press, let it be of the heart beat of Native America that of the ETT - and the Beat Goes on.,,,

Thank you. JJ Bears


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