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Welcome to the Justice System of the Sovereign Nation of the Tejas Indians

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All courts that are in session will remain open including the Circuit Courts and any cases specifically dealing with the Tejas. The Court of Discovery will place cases for the Sovereign Court to hear. Thus, the Tribal Courts take cases on such basis of Judicial review.

Please note: The SNTI / HCF will be doing some major house keeping, due to the major disasters which have struck within the Tejas Nation: Katrina, Rita, Wilma, the fires and floods in Texas and in other areas. You must register your cases with the central offices here, or with in the Summer Councils offices in Houston and those cases will be eventually assigned. This process will move slower than usual, so please be patient.

You will find many helpful items and up dates - postings of tribal codes, and laws on line. Public notices and other legal aspects, postings will be by dates and place of action to be taken and what Tribal court that will be handling it. At this time the policies for all of our web pages are being developed and will be placed throughout our site upon their completion.

Our legal system, for the purposes of this web site, is to assist those with information and to assist those persons seeking such justice through Tribal court. Thus jurisdiction of the Court, is out lined and such comity of court enforced by USC 25 and upheld by The USSC Cherokee Nation V Georgia.

The Tribal Nations Jurisdiction:
Will be defined within the Tribal Nations Constitution, and the Constitution of the United States inclusive of any and all Tribal own and controlled lands, any disputed lands, and the Traditional Lands of the Tribal nation and those inclusive of the 254 counties of the State of Texas and all counties in which other lands are held through out the upper 24 States and the parishes of the State of Louisiana, inclusive of other States or Provinces where our citizens and members dwell.

However such policies and laws will remain in affect, and as thus inclusive of criminal and civil laws, such remedies as Fines, Liens, Levies and or any Judgments with in the Tribal Nation against parties, or such laws protecting Tribal citizens and Members of the Tribal Nation and their property have not been, nor shall be suspended with in the Tribal Nation inclusive of that of ICWA. Until our lawyers have completed the details for these pages, they will remain under construction. We sincerely ask for your patience in this matter. Certain items will come online when available.

Filing Cases with the Tribal Court:
For Cases to be filed and or to be considered to be heard under US title code 25, through a claim with the Tribal Court System of Tejas Indians, please mail your request along with a self-addressed stamped envelope with correct postage and return address to the address below. Please make sure you have the proper and current postage as the rates change from time to time. The clerk of record will stamp and submit your case to the court investigator and you will be contacted. You must include contact information. You will be assigned a case # and it is advised that you retain an attorney.

If you are a member of a law firm, an attorney or that of another court system, you must identify yourself as such and identify the state you hold a license.

If you are to be a litigant, we suggest that you retain a qualified attorney to contact our court. Thus, if you wish to file a case pro-say, you must request an application to do so, and state so in your initial letter to the Tribal Court. If you wish to represent yourself within the tribal court system of Tejas, you must still make application to the Court for Tribal Bar for a special permit.

If you have been served with legal papers involving a hearing, or recieved a notice from the Tribal Court, or have found notices posted here, you will need to respond in writing no later than 14 days from the date postmarked on said correspondence or after receipt of notice to:

Attn: Clerk of Record
Sovereign Nation of the Tejas Indians
Judicial Branch / GCOC-SNTI/ Hasinai Confederacy
C/o George Kelley and Assoc. Gen Council
14000 Schiller Rd - Suite 600
Houston, Texas 77082

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Today at Law

Public Law library

United States Code

International / Treaty Law

      Treaty of 1806
      Treaty of Fort Bird (1844)
Governmental Directory
(the blue pages)

Tribal Bar of Tejas

Court Clerk of Record

1. Legal Notices 2. Public Letters
3. Public Hearings
4. Cases pending Assignment
5. Docket Call / Court Assignment
6. Court forums

Court of Discovery

1. Criminal Court
2. Civil Court
3. Administrative Court
4. Teen Court


1. Chief Justice

1. Human Resources
   a. Court Clerks

2.Applications / Licenses / Accreditation
   a. Marriage License
   b. Birth Certificates
   c. Death Certificates
   d. Legal Forms

3. Enforcement / Prosecutor General
   a. Crime Stoppers
   b. MIB
   c. Grey Riders
   d. Bail - Bail Enforcement
   e. Tribal Court Investigations
   1. Background checks

4. Warrants
   a. Criminal Civil
   b. Process Service
   c. Payments
   d. Court Fees
   e. Tickets
   f. Fines

5 Convict Placement
   a. Facility Assignment
   b. Probation/Parole
   c. Capital offense

6. Criminal Registration of Offenders
Felony Division
   a. Hot Checks
   b. Fraud
   c. Violent Crimes
   d. Crimes of Moral Turpitude
   e. Electronic crimes
   f. Sex Crimes Registry (Adam Walsh Act compliance)
   g. Treaty Violations
   h. Trespass
   i. Community Service BBS - See list of convicted felons

Misdemeanor Division
1. Community Service BBS
2. Registration of Convictions

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