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Immediate Positions Available with the Sovereign Nation of the Tejas Indians. These positions all vary in pay scale and each have specific requirements. Please send your resume and credentials with your telephone number for a phone interview to HR@tejasindians.info or by fax to The GCOC attn: HR. Call (940) 716-0708 for immediate consideration and more information. Residency and availability requirements for positions must be met. Some are specific to the North Texas / Wichita Falls Texas area. Residency in these areas is a requirement.

Position 1
AA/PA- Personal Secretary/Housekeeper
Duties: light cleaning, reading (to partially blind man), local errands, light office duties (email, letters, faxing), Microsoft Office knowledge a plus.
Requirements: use proper office etiquette, pass background check, high school graduate, driver's license and personal vehicle, computer literate.
Job: Part-time, 20 +- hours per week Salary.

Position 2
Sales/Public Relations
HS Grad Required, College degree or military equivalent preferred. Salary is based on commission- requires some investment- must be bondable- must be available for periodic sales meetings in Wichita Falls, Texas. Must sign confidentiality agreement.

Position 3
Field Sales
Must have Excellent Communication Skills. Candidate can telecommute but must be available for periodic sales meetings in Wichita Falls, Texas. Must sign confidentiality agreement. Bondable. Commission and Bonuses!
Part-time to start.

Volunteers, Field operations and Support staffing

Position 4
Grant Writer/Researcher
Experience Required
Salary appropriate to experience
Standard offer package.

Position 4.1 Archives and Research
Political Science / Lobbyist

Position 5: Legal System
Law & Legal System
Attorneys/ Advocate-Attorney General - Prosecution Attorney- Judge Advocate General- General practitioners, registered Public Defenders-
Experience with Native American issues, State politics, Constitution law State and Federal , US Federal Case and Trial Law- former favorable appearance before the State and Federal Supreme Courts a plus- Membership in both State and Sovereign Tribal Bars are a requirement- expiate with Maritime and International law and Treaties a plus

Position 5.1 Court System-
currently there are contracts RFB for positions with in the court system - court reporters -Scribes and translation personnel

Position 5.2 Law enforcement/First Responders -
this is not repeat not for just any person. all applicants must be available to be on call regardless of weather or condition of circumstances.
Must meet the min age requirements- and qualify by meeting all standards with no less than that of a 95 percentile rating on any examination- as given by the Great Council of Chiefs. Have the ability to pay attention to detail. Posses a moderate to mild temperament. Pass an intense back ground check , pass an intense physical and mental endurance examinations on a regular basis as required by the Great Council of Chiefs pertaining to your job description- have the ability to work under extreme and severe conditions as required by the job- long hours- it is encouraged that this applicant be a family oriented person- They should posses excellent computer and communication skills, be familiar with short wave radio communications- be familiar with and have understanding of nature, and the cements of weather, and knowledge of Morse code. Pass the wilderness survival examination with a 98% or better. Become qualified as a first responder. Be or become multi-lingual and at least speak English. Be willing to be competent in Atakapa, Spanish and French with in three to five years - able to work with animals and from horse back - must be able to pass a fire arms and weapons examinations along with a psychological background and profile - will be required to handle all matters- under the original Jurisdiction of the Sovereign Nation of Tejas Indians- Must be able to posse and carry fire arms under federal and tribal guidelines-must complete a genealogy research paper and submit it to the Great Council of Chiefs- former US or French Foreign Military experience will be accepted as some experience -other experience accepted State Trooper, Retired Texas Ranger, US Forrestry Service a plus.
Some executive and Executive Demonstrative positions are exempt from some of the physical requirements

Position 6
Research Assistants
Specialists in: Archeology, Genealogy, demographics, market analysis, statistics,
(Colonial history) American, French and Mexican, Italian (Roman Catholic) and Spanish back grounds a plus.
Experience is required in the RA field that you are applying for.

Position 7
Linguists- (to record, study and assist in the revival, and updating of the Atakapa language)
Having a Degree and background in English, French, Spanish + literature background and forging languages a plus.
position 1,2,3

Position 8
Web Designer/Internship
HS Grad Required, College degree or military equivalent preferred. Macromedia, Adobe, WordPress, JavaScript, Graphic art, self-motivated, creative.

Position 9
medical personnel
St Matthews Research Hospital(R) to be tabled- all hospital and support personnel positions: to be considered you must pass a pre-screening and background check, submit genealogical background, 4 generations is a plus- maternal and paternal, all personnel must be bondable, must submit CV and 2 page academic essay about your self, and the position you wish to apply for, executive positions all so available must have +5 years experience for entry level executive position. all references must be verifiable.

Position 10
Bankers, Brokers, Accountants, Loan Specialist and Finance personnel:
First Sovereign Bank of Tejas - Tribal Treasury department

Investment opportunities
-works and franchise projects-

Hospitality industry - Stadiums, Mall complexes
Hotel, Restaurants, Motel - Resort development - franchises
Investors - for bank and finance opportunities, utilities and communication, transportation

Other opportunities - Announcement- RFB - Request for bids- status OPEN- The Tribal Nation will be considering sub-contractors and bids for such craftsmen needed for future residential family projects. To pre-qualify you will have to send your company resume/ cv- and your personal qualifications and references with a self addressed stamped envelope to: SNTI Attention HR Dept - PO Box 2484, Wichita Falls, TX 76307-2484.

Access our application. Complete this and send with your resume (if one is available) to HR@tejasindians.info or mail to the address noted above.

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