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Better life is a Not for Profit Organization, and thus a charity . We are registered with the Tribal Government of the Sovereign Nation of Tejas Indians, the State of Texas, and the IRS as a 501c3 entity. We are the ministerial, benevolent arm for the Tejas Tribal Government, thus attended and supervised and as such governed by the Tribal Government of the Tejas Indians and such ordinances of Faith.

Our mission is to give aid to those seeking a better life- those that fall though the cracks, of both the greater and lesser societies, those seeking to improve their selves regardless of race or status. It is the concept of teaching one to fish not just giving one a fish. We take situations individually. Thus each of the cases are on a one on one, and one to one basis and apply our philosophy and an approach that has a proven track record to helping those to both find and achieve better life. This is done by finding ones self and practicing some simple things:

1. Be your brothers keeper - I can help my self to find a better life: By being a servant to my brother/neighbor, utilizing the tenants of Humbleness, Moral Responsibility, and Glad tithings, my actions cause others to have reaction. thus positive actions produce such positive actions.

2. I am responsible for my actions, there are no excuses, only reasons for action and reaction, and thus stating, and accepting this position I can and do make a difference in my life and thus achieving that, I then can do well for myself as well as do well for others. thus I am responsible

3. I will walk a clean and upstanding life, I will have a good moral conscious and become a lamp in the dankness for others to see, in their search to find a better life, I will become a banded cord with my neighbor to offer strength and aid in their struggles, for my struggle are theirs, and their struggle is mine, we have a common goal, to Achieve a Better Life, How ever I shall recognize each situation for what it is and I will not become too proud or boastful to ask for aid, and utilize common since values for I can not help others if I am not able to handle the situation.

4. I have value and worth. Through my search for a better life, in which I will achieve through service to others, learning the lessons that I am my brothers keeper, by being their good neighbor, I will Learn to walk, I will learn to Speak, I will learn to run, through my actions I will teach others, I will learn to take each step in life one at a time knowing that I am not alone, my burdens are shared and are light and that I have worth.

We do this regardless of race, and regardless of ones status, however we do have faith based missionary works based on the Teachings of Christ.

Better Life Ministries
Post Office Box 2484
Wichita Falls, TX 76307

Fax 940-716-0708

New Day Empowerment Center
511 Mississippi
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