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Am I a Tejas Indian?

The Beginning of a Long Walk (Little Bear)

You may ask yourself many questions during your life time; like a child we all ask why is the sky blue? What makes a rainbow? Why does a bird fly? Is there a God? Am I an Indian? Where do I belong in life? Of these of which there are many, more questions and that of one of these are that of most importance, of which by yourself you may never know the answer to.

We will help you find many answers if you are truly seeking knowledge to your questions. If you have come to play, we hope you enjoy your time but this is where the rubber will meet the road. Some answers will be on faith, and leaps of such matters - and thus people will say that they are speculative science, and some will proclaim that it is all fiction and nonsense some will tell you that there is not such a thing. Some will become hurtful and filled with spite and hatred. This will not be easy. Many will stay lost and or undiscovered. You may lose all that you thought you had to discover the truth behind the matter; there are many types of richness. All of which is not money. Now lets be practical, and use common sense.

With out labor, you can not plant seeds nor bring in a harvest to reap the rewards of the fruits produced by them. To quote the Christian Bible, “Faith (is that of the essence in believing in the things existence that are not seen, but are there because of the belief) with out works faith is Dead”. To believe that you will have corn during the winter, you must work the field, then tend the field and pant seed. Tend the field some more - yet there is not one bit of corn. So the crop is still yet unseen, but because of your faith and work from the labor the fruits of your labor, your faith. The seed takes root and sprouts, and produces fruit. When it is harvest time you must work again to reap your harvest, thus you reap what you sew. All of the time you must all so quietly care and tend to your crop protecting it against that which would destroy it.

So you ask what does this have to do with Indians? Well, we Indians, us Tejas, love our corn. So you are liken to a seed of corn to us, which you will have many rolls during your lifetime. So while preparing for citizenship, there will be a test. You are actually preparing you and your family for success. (Those that become cursed by history by not learning from it are destined to repeat it). (Those that fail to plan, plan to fail). We encourage your walk with us, our ways are gentle and peaceful, mostly an inward look of self with a lot of work, we have a National ordinance of such that was given to us by the Creator on the first days of creation.
You are your brothers Keeper!!

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Of such peoples in the 15th through the 20th centuries there have been those that collect data on and about any thing. Some of this will be utilized data for our records.

In 1986 it was estimated that 2% of the population of Texas is of Native descendants. Those descendants of the first Texas inhabitant, the Tejas, could easily be in the millions today, (close to 4 million) roughly about the size of inner city of Houston Texas. They stated that by 2000, the State would have a population of 22.5 million people and that of which approximately 2% would be the descendants or relations to the Tejas Nation, and that on half of a percent of the other territories of the Tejas lands would also have Tejas ties in ancestry. I.e. The Sovereign Nation of the Tejas Indians.

We were Sea faring people, as well as farmers, hunters and gatherers, from the mountains to the prairies, and to the gulf waters and oceans. Tejas was and is still a kingdom of hidden lands. We had and have been farmers, ranchers and yes we were also sailors, and were at times captured at sea by others used as slaves, made war against pirates and yes, shipwrecked and such.

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